AFA WMC Participates in a Workforce Forum Addressing Challenges in Upskilling and Retraining Employees

Without a doubt, the top issue facing businesses and the government remains ‘workforce’.

 In our advocacy, education and support roll, AFA WMC participated in a Workplace Forum sponsored by the Dayton Business Journal - in partnership with JobsOhio and Aileron – to address workforce issues. In this forum (more specifically), we participated in a team focused on ‘upskilling and retraining employees and military members’ – thus tackling this complex issue amid with several and WPAFB Dayton decision makers who helped create solutions to multiple issues. Our ‘Upskilling & Retraining’ Team addressed four key areas:

  • Identifying the issue and driving circumstances
  • Documenting the current state and envisioning the future state
  • The current and future emotions related to this
  • Current and future ways thoughts on how to improve

In the coming weeks, we’ll share these with the Wright-Patt A1 (Manpower, Personnel and Services) community, as well as other base and AFA leaders!