We both excited and motivated to facilitate partnerships with the K-12 educational community, and increases student awareness and excitement in all fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math - as well as Aviation and Aerospace.

AFA WMC's STEM Grant Program 

We work with Miami Valley schools (outside the fence of WPAFB) to support their STEM programs
• We provide grants to either the school or individual teachers to support STEM – with a focus on socioeconomically disadvantaged schools, 
   teachers, and students 
• Submissions may be made by the school directly to AFA WMC, or in response to our "STEM Grant Call" - normally distributed in October of
   every year
• Presentations are typically made at the school, with ‘sponsor’ support as their time permits 

For more great information, contact Carl “Shof” Shofner by email ( or phone (334.354.8418).