Individual Membership

Being part of AFA puts us shoulder-to-shoulder with other like-minded professionals; and that sharpens us, grows us, and develops us! Additionally, the networking opportunities are invaluable; and the learning opportunities keeps us abreast of the latest topics, trends, and issues affecting our Air & Space Force, its members and their families.

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The Air & Space Forces Association (AFA) offers a distinct value proposition - especially to the younger generation workforce - to include, but not limited to:

Professional Development:

  • Mentorship & Networking: Connect with experienced industry professionals and veterans for career guidance, advice, and access to exclusive networking opportunities.
  • Continuing Education: Access webinars, conferences, workshops, on cutting-edge aerospace technologies, leadership skills, and industry trends.
  • Stay Informed: You’ll receive exclusive training and professional development opportunities, critical updates on key issues facing our Air and Space Forces. 
    All AFA members receive an electronic subscription to Air & Space Forces Magazine and unlimited access to our digital content
  • Scholarships & Grants: Receive financial support for pursuing higher education in aerospace-related fields.

Impact & Purpose:

  • Contribute to National Security: Be a part of a larger mission to promote air and space power, ensuring national security and global stability.
  • Drive Innovation & Technology: Influence the development of future aerospace technologies and solutions that shape the world.
  • Make a Difference: Participate in impactful initiatives addressing national challenges like climate change and space exploration.

Personal & Social Growth:

  • Leadership & Teamwork: Develop leadership skills and learn to work effectively in diverse teams within a supportive community.
  • Travel & Adventure: Attend events and conferences at exciting locations, connect with colleagues from around the world, and experience unique aerospace activities.
  • Sense of Belonging: Join a network of passionate individuals who share your interest in aerospace and contribute to a shared mission.