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AFA WMC Leaders Attend the Field Leadership Summit

AFA WMC Leaders Attend the Field Leadership Summit

Regional, State, and a few Chapter leaders gathered for some great networking across the attendees, as well as updates from AFA National leadership.

Key discussions centered on:

  • Recruiting Task Force Update – and AFA signing a ‘Letter of Intent’ partnership activities in support of recruiter-Chapter communications and cooperation
  • 2024 National Convention Elections and Voting – which will transition to “one delegate-one vote” through electronic voting
  • Advocacy – to include topics AFA is advocating on behalf of the USAF, as well as the role of advocacy across all members of AFA
  • The Mitchell Institute - the nation’s only think tank solely focused on air and space power, and it’s past accomplishments and future plans
  • The Doolittle Leadership Center – its value proposition of building better leaders through their “Lead, Develop, Care” training program and other tools.  (Note: Here’s a link to a promotional video from the Doolittle Leadership Center featuring General ‘Fig’ Newton or your viewing pleasure -
  • F2 Program – and how AFA has been collaborating since early 2022 to persistently provide AFA mission focused thought leadership and expand and strengthen support for Airmen, Guardians & their families.
  • The State of the AFA Field – which discussed membership (especially as it relates to attracting younger generations with a diverse background), field leader development, and best practices and
  • Education – and AFA’sEducation Council updates (successes and future) in such areas as Awards (CAEA, Buckwalter), Communications (AFA in Action), Scholarships/Grants (to include STEM and Pitsenbarger awards) Budget/Finance, and the Thompson-Mallett Teacher of Year program

If anyone would like more information, contact AFA WMC President David Babcock at