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General Allvin Makes the Case for Change - and We Must, Too!

The Air Force has reoptimized several times - from War, to the Cold War, for unipolar events, to violent extremism. Now we must reoptimize to meet the Global Power Competition (GPC). In some cases, members of Congress and the general public don't under this critical need for change. However, consequences aren't acceptable if we don't!

General Allvin Makes the Case for Change - and We Must, Too!

The landscape of warfare has shifted, and the US Air Force needs to adapt to this new reality. Here's why reoptimization for "Great Power Competition" is crucial:

  • Shifting Threats: For decades, the USAF focused on counterinsurgency and counterterrorism operations. However, the rise of peer competitors like China and Russia demands a different approach. These nations possess advanced militaries that can challenge US dominance in air and space.
  • Deterrence and Readiness: The goal is to deter conflict, but being prepared for war is essential for achieving that. The capabilities that worked against insurgents won't suffice against sophisticated militaries. Reoptimization ensures the USAF has the tools to deter aggression and win if necessary.
  • Evolving Warfare: "Great Power Competition" involves competition across all aspects of national power, including space. The USAF, along with the Space Force, needs to be prepared for this broader conflict that extends beyond traditional air combat.
  • Legacy Systems: While the USAF boasts a powerful arsenal, some equipment and strategies might be outdated for the current threats. Reoptimization allows the USAF to prioritize modernization and ensure its forces are equipped to handle the challenges posed by major powers.

Here are some resources for further reading:

  • The Department of the Air Force's official page on Reoptimization for Great Power Competition- click here.
  • For a link to General Allvin's "A Case for Change" document - click here.
  • For a link to General Allvin's "Follow Through" Letter to Airmen - click here!

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