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New Commands, Ranks, and More…Big Changes for Air Force & Space Force

Secretary Kendall, along with other Air Force and Space Force leaders, rolled out 24 sweeping changes to the services’ organization, manning, readiness, and weapons development.

New Commands, Ranks, and More…Big Changes for Air Force & Space Force

Representatives changes include:

  • Reorienting major Air Force commands to focus on combat readiness, peeling off their requirements and weapons development functions and consolidating those into a new Integrated Capabilities Command.
  • Air Force Materiel Command will be reorganized and structured as well, include four new centers focused on Information Dominance, Nuclear Systems, Air Dominance, and Integration Development
  • Cyber and electronic warfare will be elevated—what is today’s 16th Air Force, the information warfare arm of Air Combat Command, will be elevated to Air Forces Cyber, reporting directly to the Chief and Secretary with responsibility for operational cyber, information, and electronic warfare.
  • Operational Air Force wings will be restructured as “units of action,” with each designated as either a Deployable Combat Wing, an In-Place Combat Wing, or a Combat Generation Wing.
  • Space Force will stand up new Space Force Combat Squadrons as its units of action, supporting U.S. Space Command on a rotational basis.
  • Air Education and Training Command will be reborn as Airman Development Command
  • The concept of “Multi-Capable Airmen” will be formalized as “Mission-Ready Airmen,” with new skills taught at every level in the training pipeline
  • The Air Force will create a new Warrant Officer track for highly skilled IT and cyber talent, enabling those Airmen to not only be paid competitively, but to choose a career path that enables them to focus exclusively on their specialties

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