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The Air & Space Forces Need a Strong Industrial and Academic Base to Support It - But They're Facing Headwinds

The Air & Space Forces are amazing, but they need a strong industrial base to assist in equipping the force, bringing innovation and adaptability to research and operations, providing supply chain security as well as enabling surge capacity.

The Air & Space Forces Need a Strong Industrial and Academic Base to Support It - But They're Facing Headwinds

A strong industrial base is critical for our Air & Space Forces for several reasons:

  • Equipping the Force: The Air Force relies on the industrial base to design, develop, manufacture, and maintain its aircraft, drones, missiles, satellites, bombs, and other essential equipment. A strong base ensures the Air Force has access to the technology and weaponry it needs to defend the country.
  • Innovation and Adaptability: The industrial base is a wellspring of innovation. It's where new technologies are researched and developed, allowing the Air Force to stay ahead of potential adversaries. A robust industrial complex allows the Air Force to adapt to evolving threats and maintain its technological edge.
  • Supply Chain Security: A strong domestic industrial base reduces reliance on foreign manufacturers for critical parts and materials. This lessens the risk of disruptions caused by international conflicts, political instability, or economic factors.
  • Surge Capacity: In war or times of crisis, the Air Force may need to rapidly increase its production of weapons and equipment. A healthy industrial base with a skilled workforce and flexible manufacturing capacity allows for this surge in production when necessary.

In short, a strong industrial base is foundational to the Air & Space Forces's ability to equip itself, innovate, maintain supply chain security, and be prepared for any contingency.

We’re clearly not there yet, and a National Defense article explains this in more detail.

To see the first-ever National Defense Industrial Strategy (released earlier in 2024) - click here!

We also invite you to read this linked article released by the Department of Defense, which provides good information regarding General Charles Q. Brown, Jr., the 21st Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, comments in his acceptance speech of NDIA’s highest honor, the Eisenhower Award.

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